Welcome to Nacka Teamåkningsklubb!

Nacka Teamåkningsklubb was founded in 2005 with the goal to offer skaters lessons (at beginner and advanced levels) and the opportunity to participate in synchronized skating and ice dance / solo dance. The main priority was and remains for all who skate to have fun whilst gaining experience and improving their skills on the ice.

Since its creation, the club has grown exponentially — from a handful of enthusiastic skaters and coaches, to a club today with over a hundred skaters, participating in not just synchronised skating, but ice dance and competitive singles skating as well.

Our club is organized into beginner groups, technique (freestyle) groups, synchro teams, ice dance (and solo dance), as well as singles skaters, all taught weekly by around a dozen coaches. While our primary focus is on children, we also have a handful of adult skaters who are welcome during both normal training times and our occasional camps (ice dance, synchro, and more).

Our primary ice rink is Björknäs ishall at Björknäs skolväg 5 in Saltsjö-boo. Occasionally, we have practices for skaters in levels about the skate school at Älta ishall, Saltsjöbadens ishall and Nacka ishall. (We also have our annual spring show at Nacka ishall, as it has a better audience capacity.)

Learn to Skate with our Skating School
(Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow and Red Groups — plus our Adult Beginner Groups)
Our skating school is made up of beginners and more advanced skaters — a total of around 100 kids skate each season with our skating school. Skaters in our skate school have the option to skate once or twice a week for 45 minutes each, on Thursday afternoons and/or Sunday mornings. We even have a group of beginner adults which practice on Sunday mornings (learn more here).

Read more about our Skate School (including schedule and equipment information) in English here!

Technique (Freestyle) Training Groups
(Purple Groups)
After leaving the skate school, the next step in our club is to train with one of the purple (lila) groups. These groups continue to build upon the existing skills, expanding to learn more freestyle elements, including jumps and spins. Skaters at this level are also given the opportunity to try synchronized skating, ice dance, solo dance and/or singles skating. Along with all of that, they also work towards taking both ”Fri” (freestyle) and ”Basic” (moves in the field) tests with the Swedish Figure Skating Federation (a requirement for competing, among other things).

Skaters in the purple groups are also invited to take part in floor practice, strength/conditioning classes, and more off the ice. It is always up to the children and their family to choose how often they wish to train.

Club Shows (twice per year)
In coordination with the skating school’s Christmas break and season-end in the spring, the club arranges shows for friends and family to attend and enjoy. The aim is for the children to be able to demonstrate and show their loved ones what they’ve learned and worked hard on all season.

All are welcome to take part in the shows! All skating school groups are involved, as well as our freestyle groups, synchro teams, ice dancers and single skaters. Each show generally has a theme, such as The Lion King or ”Around the World.”

Training Camps and Post-Season Training
The club organizes annual camps for both synchronized skating and ice dance, inviting both skaters from the purple groups as well as skaters (both children and adults) from around Sweden to participate.

Skaters in our freestyle (purple-level) groups or on our synchro teams are invited to continue training with us in our post-season practices, twice a week in April and May and once a week during the first half of June.

The Annual Nacka Trophy
Since 2010, we have hosted our own yearly competitions, during the winter skating season. Our competitions are open to synchronised skating teams, ice dance and solo dance competitors of all levels. The competitions have been great fun in the past and is something we all look forward to each season.

Long-term Goals for Nacka Teamåkningsklubb
In the long-term, the club plans to continue to operate in the same positive spirit, with focus on synchronized skating and ice dance, providing the opportunity for each skater to develop at his/her rate, to the degree to which they prefer, ranging from beginner to high-level competitive skaters. With our focus on synchronised skating, we hope to be able to encourage the development of the discipline within figure skating, allowing skaters of older ages to continue participating in the sport they love.

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