Welcome to Nacka Teamåkningsklubb!

Here is a bunch of important information for anyone new to the synchro world, or new in our club! Please be sure to go through each of the points below, to be sure you don’t miss a step or any equipment that is important and/or required when skating with us!

In our club, it’s the team leaders who are the first point of contact regarding questions from parents and skaters. Questions regarding the schedule, planing, team clothing, etc should be sent to your team’s leaders via Slack. Questions can also be sent to the club’s board at info@nackatk.se.

Part 1 – Club Registration

Part 2 – Important Information

Part 3 – What do we need to buy?

Part 4 – Which apps should we download?

* Slack is our club’s primary method of communication. We recommend that you download the app, and if you don’t turn notifications on, be sure to check the app daily so that you don’t miss important information. It’s even possible to log into Slack via your web browser at: nackatk.slack.com

Once logged into Slack, be sure to update your profile with your title (ex: ”Johanna’s Mom, Team Cosmos”) and your telephone number. Don’t forget to check even the general channel (#allmänt). In that channel, we publish information that applies to all skaters and teams. If you’d like to learn more about how Slack works, check out this guide!

If you’d like to learn even more about our club and how synchro works, see here for our handbook (only available in Swedish as of now).